For the body
"The sleep of cooking generates monsters"   

Food is a fundamental part of our life even though we often forget its importance and value.

Feeding our body also means nourishing our soul and, as a consequence, our life. We have often heard people saying that we are what we eat and that food is the best medicine, but have we ever tried to put these principles into practice? Our meals can me healthy moments in which we “repair” more or less serious diseases and problems supporting medical assistance.  I’m here to take you on this journey throughout my delicious officina with the support of customized advice and programmes. We will start this adventure together and I’ll be your guide and support in every difficult time. Not only will I help you with food therapy service, but I’ll supply you with effective guidelines and much more material to assist you in this journey. I’ll try to tailor my proposal on your needs and lifestyle: don’t worry, I won’t suggest any impossible change. Often, few small changes can be the best choice to correct your mistakes guarantying an effective and long-lasting result.

On my gifts page you can find some free material, while in the blog you'll find articles that will guide and inspire you.

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