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Hi! I’m Valentina and I'd like to tell you a secret: being happy is easier than you believe. To help you understand it, I'd like to tell you my story. One day, I was given a postcard with a picture of the Dalai Lama promoting an event in Italy. Every time I felt angry, I would look at the postcard and say: “ok, let’s visualize the Dalai Lama and keep calm..." By coincidence, a book by the Dalai Lama represented a turning point in my life, it actually changed my life. I began by modifying the way I looked at things and I started taking good care of my soul, I could observe the world with different eyes. Suddenly, my stomachache disappeared together with sleep disorders. From that moment on, I’ve continued my search and my studies to finally understand that it is important to take good care of both soul and body. Caring for our body means treating it respectfully because it’s like a sacred place for us. This awareness became the starting point for my studies on food therapy and on how food can also cure our soul generating a virtuous circle that leads to a state of balance between our tangible and intangible selves. For me, natural cooking represents the best solution and support to many small and big problems and diseases and I’ve verified with my own experience, how food can be an amazing medicine. I’ve experimented how what we eat is so powerful that it can affect our mood and emotions and I’ve understood that it can help us feel calmer, have a clearer mind and a sense of infinite energy. I firmly believe that 50% of our well-being comes from a healthy body and the remaining 50% from a healthy soul. There are days in which I feel I have to work more on my soul and less on my body and vice versa, so, it’s not always a perfect 50%, but in the end, the result doesn’t change.


    I’d be pleased to guide you through this journey towards your well-being and to “repair” together, in my “workshop”, your body and your soul to find the happiness you deserve.

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